Monday, March 13, 2006

Some amazing aerial views

This is going back quite a few years now, but still such a great location I thought it was worth including. I was commissioned by McCann Erickson in London to go and shoot some aerial photographs of this lake for a pan-European press campaign. I had heard about the lake before and how stunning it was meant to be, but I assumed that these reports had to be at least slightly exaggerated. So I called up a seasoned pilot who flew in the area around Yellowstone, someone I knew wasn't given to overstatement, and asked his opinion. "You could lose your soul in the intensity of the colours" was his reply. A week later I was flying across the barren landscapes of Yellowstone, dodging snow flurries. It was just the beginning of the skiing season and it was uncomfortably cold in the helicopter. We hopped over the top of a small mountain range and suddenly, there in the distance was the most incredible explosion of colour I have ever seen. It was a 'take your breathe away' moment, truly awe-inspiring. The different shades from which the lake gains its name are caused by cyanobacteria, growing faster at the edge of the water where the temperature is lower and the sheer vibrancy of these colours made it look as if the lake had been lit from beneath with a giant lightbox. We flew around it for about forty minutes, me shooting as much film as I could in the time, although truth be told you could hardly take a bad image of such a spectacular location. Jason Hawkes Aerial photography commissions & library. email: Tel : +44 (0) 118 9242946 Fax : +44 (0) 118 9242943